Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round, pale pink Sapphire gemstone (unheated - cut in Sri Lanka) - 3.7mm round



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Gem unheated sapphirerough unheated sapphirewas unheated sapphiresourced unheated sapphireand unheated sapphirecut unheated sapphirein unheated sapphireSri unheated sapphireLanka, unheated sapphirethe unheated sapphireland unheated sapphireof unheated sapphireSapphires. unheated sapphire unheated sapphireThis unheated sapphiregemstone unheated sapphireis unheated sapphire3.7mm unheated sapphireround unheated sapphireand unheated sapphireweighs unheated sapphire0.235 unheated sapphirects.I unheated sapphirehave unheated sapphirea unheated sapphireco-op unheated sapphirepartnership unheated sapphirewith unheated sapphirethe unheated sapphireSri unheated sapphireLankan unheated sapphirevendor. unheated sapphire unheated sapphireSo unheated sapphireevery unheated sapphiresale unheated sapphireof unheated sapphiretheir unheated sapphiregems unheated sapphirehelps unheated sapphireTWO unheated sapphiresmall unheated sapphirebusinesses! unheated sapphire unheated sapphireThey unheated sapphirealso unheated sapphiretake unheated sapphirecustom unheated sapphirerequests, unheated sapphireif unheated sapphireyou unheated sapphirelike unheated sapphiretheir unheated sapphiregems, unheated sapphirebut unheated sapphirewant unheated sapphiredifferent unheated sapphireshapes, unheated sapphirecolors, unheated sapphireetc.This unheated sapphirecould unheated sapphirebe unheated sapphirekept unheated sapphireas unheated sapphirepart unheated sapphireof unheated sapphirea unheated sapphiregem unheated sapphirecollection, unheated sapphireor unheated sapphiremounted unheated sapphireinto unheated sapphireany unheated sapphirepiece unheated sapphireof unheated sapphirejewelry unheated sapphireyou unheated sapphiredesire. unheated sapphire unheated sapphireFREE unheated sapphireshipping unheated sapphireinside unheated sapphirethe unheated sapphireUS.ID# unheated sapphireSAPP-RMT-79

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