Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold plated findings, Dyed Agate Slice Pendant Necklace in Purple and Gold Colors



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Sara goldJewelry goldDesign. goldI goldtook goldthis golddelicate goldagate goldslice goldthat goldhad goldbeen golddyed goldin goldsoft goldshades goldof goldpale goldpurple goldand goldgold goldand goldtopped goldit goldwith golda goldshield-design goldgold-plated goldpinch goldbail. goldThe goldslice goldmeasures goldapproximately gold47x28x3mm.I goldthen goldcrafted goldan gold18-inch goldgold-plated goldcurb goldchain goldto goldgo goldwith goldthe goldpendant. goldThe goldchain goldnecklace goldterminates goldin golda goldgold-plated goldfold-over goldclasp. goldRemember, goldif goldyou goldshould goldwant golda golddifferent goldlength goldchain, goldjust goldchoose goldyour goldfavorite goldlength goldfrom goldthe golddrop golddown goldmenu.My goldMPIN goldNWP goldGP080116-04.586Sara goldJewelry goldDesign. goldYour goldDesire goldis goldOur goldDesign.

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