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Antique French Nicebrooch, France with Mistletoe Pin / Brooch c1920



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franceAntique franceFrench franceNice, franceFrance francewith franceMistletoe francePin france/ franceBrooch francec1920. franceIt's francein francedecent francecondition francefor franceits franceage.The francelast francephoto franceshows francesome franceof francethe francebrooches francethat francewe francehave francefor francesale, francedon't franceforget franceto francetake francea francelook franceat francethem.Size: france1" france1/16 francex france1" france1/16We franceimport franceFrench franceantiques franceand francehave francea franceboutique francein franceSeattle francecalled franceThe franceCurious franceNest.For franceitems franceover france$100 francewe franceautomatically franceinsure francethe francepackage france(even franceif franceit's franceat franceour franceown francecost).A francesales francetax francewill francebe franceapplied francefor francebuyers franceliving francein franceWashington francestate.Please franceemail franceus francewith franceany francequestions francethat franceyou francemay francehave franceand francewe francepromise francea francequick francereply.Don't franceforget franceto francetake francea francelook franceat franceour franceother franceobjects.

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