Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

personalized jewerly, Basketball Mom Charm Necklace



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A mom jewerlyfun mom jewerlyway mom jewerlyto mom jewerlyshow mom jewerlyyour mom jewerlya mom jewerlyproud mom jewerlyBasketball mom jewerlyMom!Glass mom jewerlytile mom jewerlytag mom jewerlymeasure mom jewerly1 mom jewerlyinch mom jewerlysquare.Includes mom jewerly1 mom jewerlybasketball mom jewerlycharm mom jewerlyattached.Attached mom jewerlyto mom jewerlya mom jewerlysterling mom jewerlysilver mom jewerlyplated mom jewerlybail mom jewerlyfor mom jewerlyeasy mom jewerlywearing.Tag mom jewerlycomes mom jewerlywith mom jewerlyan mom jewerlyadjustable mom jewerlyorganza mom jewerlyribbon mom jewerlynecklace mom jewerlythat mom jewerlymeasures mom jewerly16 mom jewerly- mom jewerly18 mom jewerlyinches mom jewerlylong mom jewerlywith mom jewerlya mom jewerlylobster mom jewerlyclasp.All mom jewerlytags mom jewerlyare mom jewerlywater-resistant mom jewerlybut mom jewerlynot mom jewerlywater mom jewerlyproof. mom jewerlyPlease mom jewerlyremove mom jewerlybefore mom jewerlyswimming mom jewerlyor mom jewerlybathing.Tag mom jewerlyand mom jewerlynecklace mom jewerlycome mom jewerlypackaged mom jewerlyin mom jewerlya mom jewerlylittle mom jewerlyorganza mom jewerlypouch mom jewerlyperfect mom jewerlyfor mom jewerlystorage mom jewerlyor mom jewerlygift mom jewerlygiving.Color mom jewerlymay mom jewerlyvary.Thank mom jewerlyyou mom jewerlyfor mom jewerlyvisiting mom jewerlytoday!

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