Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

6 1/2" long Bright cerulean blue leather fringe tassel earrings with silver filigree conesturquoise fringe, Czech crystal beads and French hooks



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Artisan danglecrafted danglein dangleUSA dangleReady dangleto dangleship6 dangle1/2" danglelong dangleBright danglecerulean dangleblue dangleleather danglefringe dangletassel dangleearrings danglewith danglesilver danglefiligree danglecones, dangleCzech danglecrystal danglebeads dangleand dangleFrench danglehooksOverall danglelenght dangleincludes danglethe dangleearwire. dangleLeather dangleis danglerazor danglecut dangleby danglehand.Shipping danglewithin danglethe dangleUSA danglevia dangleUSPS danglewith dangleDelivery dangleConfirmation.

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