Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

single strand, Colorful Rainbow Necklace



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Colorful rainbow necklaceRainbow rainbow necklaceNecklaceMaterials: rainbow necklacePicasso rainbow necklaceFaceted rainbow necklacePuffy rainbow necklaceRondelle rainbow necklaceCzech rainbow necklaceGlass rainbow necklaceBeads rainbow necklacewith rainbow necklaceContrasting rainbow necklaceEnds, rainbow necklaceChain rainbow necklaceNecklace rainbow necklace- rainbow necklaceGold rainbow necklacePlated rainbow necklaceover rainbow necklaceBrassLength: rainbow necklace18" rainbow necklace(46 rainbow necklacecm.)Closure: rainbow necklacelobster rainbow necklaceclaspColor: rainbow necklaceYellow/ rainbow necklaceBlue/Orange/ rainbow necklaceWhite/ rainbow necklaceGreen

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