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sfetsy team, Astro Hoop Earrings - Sterling Silver and Brass



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Hand hoop earringssawed hoop earringsand hoop earringssoldered hoop earringssterling hoop earringssilver hoop earringsand hoop earringsbrass. hoop earringsIt's hoop earringsa hoop earringshoop hoop earringspierced hoop earringsearring hoop earringswith hoop earringsa hoop earringsminimal hoop earringsdesign. hoop earringsThis hoop earringsis hoop earringsone hoop earringsof hoop earringsmy hoop earringsfavorites!Dimensions:1.5" hoop earringsLength1" hoop earringswideAll hoop earringsjewelry hoop earringsand hoop earringscomponents hoop earringsare hoop earringsdesigned hoop earringsand hoop earringshandmade hoop earringswith hoop earringslove. hoop earringsEach hoop earringsjewelry hoop earringsis hoop earringsmailed hoop earringsin hoop earringsa hoop earringsbox hoop earringsready hoop earringsfor hoop earringsgift hoop earringsgiving. hoop earrings hoop earrings\u2665Click hoop earringshere hoop earringsto hoop earringsview hoop earringsmore hoop earringsof hoop earringsmy hoop earringsearring hoop earringscollection: hoop earringshttp://www./shop/bunnyconedesigns?section_id=5468774Thanks hoop earringsfor hoop earringslooking!Like hoop earringsme hoop earringson hoop earringsFacebook: hoop earrings hoop earringsFollow hoop earringsme hoop earringson hoop earringsInstagram: hoop earrings

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