Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

embroidered jewelry, Letter G Personalized Jewelry Necklace Hand Embroidered Initial G



In stock



Lovely jewelryembroidered jewelryinitial jewelrynecklace jewelryfeaturing jewelrythe jewelryletter jewelry'G'. jewelryHand jewelrystitched jewelryonto jewelrybeige jewelrylinen jewelryfabric jewelrywith jewelryblack jewelrythread. jewelryVery jewelrynice jewelrypersonalized jewelryjewelry.\rThe jewelrypendant jewelrymeasures jewelryapprox jewelry1.5 jewelryinches jewelrytall jewelryand jewelryapprox jewelry1 jewelryinch jewelryacross jewelry( jewelry4 jewelryx jewelry2.5 jewelrycm jewelry). jewelryThe jewelrysilver jewelryplated jewelrysnake jewelrychain jewelryis jewelry22 jewelryinches jewelryin jewelrylength.\rI jewelrycan jewelryembroider jewelryany jewelryinitial jewelryplease jewelrydo jewelryget jewelryin jewelrytouch jewelryif jewelryyou jewelrywant jewelrya jewelrydifferent jewelryletter jewelrysewn.

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