Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leather, Beautiful Hand Beaded Glass Seed Beads Round on Leather..Vintage 1980s



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This seed beadsis seed beadsa seed beadsvintage seed beadscompleted seed beadspiece seed beadsof seed beadsart seed beadsdone seed beadsin seed beadsbeautiful seed beadsbright seed beadsyellow seed beadsand seed beadscornflower seed beadsblues..Hand seed beadsSewn seed beadsand seed beadsHand seed beadsbeaded..and seed beadsready seed beadsto seed beadsbe seed beadsrepurposed seed beadsas seed beadsa seed beadsnecklace, seed beadsbracelet, seed beadsbarette seed beadsor seed beadssewn seed beadson seed beadsto seed beadsa seed beadspurse seed beadsor seed beadsmedicine seed beadsbag..This seed beadspiece seed beadsmeasures seed beads2 seed beads1/4 seed beadsinches seed beadsin seed beadsdiameter..vintage seed beads1980s

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