Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Angel golf Swarovski Crystal earrings. Orange Crystalpewter, ceramic golf ball beadpewter, pewter wings and bead cap on SS French wires



In stock



These jewelrylittle jewelryangels jewelrywere jewelrymade jewelryto jewelryimprove jewelrymy jewelrygolf jewelrygame! jewelryHa, jewelryha, jewelryha! jewelryBut jewelrythey jewelryare jewelryadorable jewelryanyway! jewelryMade jewelrywith jewelrya jewelryceramic jewelrygolf jewelryball jewelrybead, jewelrySwarovski jewelrycrystals, jewelrypewter jewelryand jewelrysurgical jewelrysteel jewelryfindings. jewelryThey jewelryare jewelryapproximately jewelry1" jewelrylong. jewelryWe jewelrywill jewelryship jewelryout jewelryof jewelrythe jewelryUSA. jewelryShipping jewelrywill jewelrybe jewelrydetermined jewelryby jewelrylocation, jewelrycustoms jewelryand jewelrysize jewelryof jewelryorder. jewelryThank jewelryyou!

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