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green, Hand Etched Green and Gold Leaf Pendant



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This naturevibrant naturependant naturewas naturefused naturein naturea naturekiln natureand natureannealed naturefor naturestrength natureand naturedurability. natureI naturethen naturegrind naturethe natureedges naturefor naturebeauty natureand naturecomfort natureand naturere-fire natureit naturein naturea naturekiln natureto naturecreate naturebeautiful naturepolished natureedges. nature natureThe natureleaf naturewas naturehand-etched natureto naturegive natureyou naturea natureone-of-a-kind naturependant. natureThe naturedichroic natureglass natureis natureaurora natureborealis natureso natureit naturehas natureshades natureof naturegreen natureand naturegold.\r\rBecause naturedichroic natureglass natureis naturea naturechallenge natureto naturephotograph, naturethe naturecolors naturemight naturebe natureslightly naturedifferent naturein naturereal naturelife. natureThe naturebeauty natureof naturedichro natureis natureseeing naturevarious naturecolors naturein naturedifferent naturelight naturesettings.\r\rThis naturependant naturemeasures nature1.75" naturelong natureand natureis natureattached natureto naturea naturesilver natureplated naturebail naturethat naturewill naturefit naturemost natureif natureyour naturecords natureand naturechains. natureAll naturemy naturechains natureare naturesold natureseparately, naturewhich naturewill naturebe natureavailable naturein naturemy natureshop naturesoon.\r\rEach naturependant naturecomes naturewith naturea naturefun natureleopard natureprint naturegift naturebox natureand naturea naturefree nature30" naturenon-fade naturesatin naturestrap!\r\rAll naturependants natureare natureshipped naturefirst natureclass naturevia natureUSPS naturewith natureinsurance.\r\rThank natureyou natureso naturemuch naturefor naturevisiting naturemy natureETSY natureshop!

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