Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Teckelclip, Dachshund (wirehaired)clip, millesimal fineness 999clip, dog clipringclip, dog show ring clip/number holderclip, limited editionclip, ArtDog



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ART artDOG artCOLLECTIONThese artcliprings artare artnot artproduced artanywhere artelse artin artthe artworld!Perfect artgift artwith artremarkable artprecision artof artexecution!Masterfully artcrafted artby artBest artPolish artArtist!Limited artedition artproduced artspecially artfor artyou!Cliprings:- artPerfect artgift artremarkable artprecision artof artexecution- artmasterfully artcrafted artby artBest artPolish artArtist- artheight art3,6 artcm- artwidth art4,2 artcm- artthe artlength artof artthe artclip art6,6 artcmMaterial:- artZn artAl artbase- artcovered artwith arta artthick artlayer artof artgold

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