Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

minimalist, Triangle Slice earrings



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These silverpost silverearrings silverare silverconstructed silverfrom silververy silverthick silvergauge silversterling silversilver silversheet, silverwhich silverI silverthen silverfile silverand silversand silverinto silverlittle silvertriangles. silver silverThe silverpost silveris silversoldered silverto silverthe silvermiddle silverof silverthe silverthin silveredge silverof silverthe silvertriangle silver-- silverso silverthe silverearring silveractually silverprotudes silverout silverin silverspace silverfrom silveryour silverear silverlobe. silver silverI silvermake silvertwo silverlengths silverof silverthe silverearrings: silverone silveris silveris silverlong silver(shown silverin silverthe silverpictures), silverthat silverextends silvera silverbit silverbelow silverthe silverear silverlobe, silverand silverone silveris silverslightly silvershorter, silverand silverstops silverjust silverat silverthe silveredge silverof silverthe silverlobe. silver silverI silveralso silvermake silverthese silverpieces silverin silvertwo silverfinishes: silver silverbrushed silversilver silverand silveroxidized silversilver silver(the silveroxidized silversilver silverversion silveris silverpolished silverback silverto silverwhite silveron silverthe silververy silverfront silvertriangle silveredge silverthe silversticks silverout, silverto silvergive silverit silvercontrast).

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