Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

radiant cut, 4ct. 14kt Radiant Cut White Sapphire Pendant



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The genuinebeautiful genuine10x8mm=4ct. genuineWhite genuineSapphire genuineRadiant genuineCut genuineis genuineFrom genuineSriLanka genuineand genuineheated genuineonly.Color genuineDClarity genuineVVS/IFSet genuinein genuine14kt genuinewhite genuinegold. genuineThis genuinecan genuinebe genuinereset genuinein genuinerose genuinegold genuineor genuineyellow genuinegold genuineas genuinewell.Silver genuinechain genuineis genuineavailable genuineupon genuinerequest.One genuineor genuinetwo genuineof genuinethe genuinephotos genuineshows genuinespots.I genuineguess genuinemy genuinecamera genuinedoes genuinetoo genuinewell, genuinebecause genuinethose genuineare genuinenot genuinespots genuinebut genuinein genuinefact genuinedust genuineor genuinelent genuineparticals.Rabbit genuineEar genuineBail.Layaway genuineavailable.

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