Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Brooch and Clip Earrings Setswirl, Stunning Blues



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This roundset roundis roundone roundof roundthose roundselections roundthat roundspark rounda round"Wow!" round roundAlthough roundthese roundpieces roundare roundunsigned, round roundthe roundstones roundare roundof roundhigh roundquality. roundThe roundBrooch roundincludes roundswirl roundand roundblue roundteardrops, round rounda roundring roundof roundemerald roundcut roundblue roundglass roundand roundcentered roundwith rounda roundround roundAB roundstone. round roundThe roundstones roundare roundprong roundset roundin roundgold roundtone roundmetal. roundThe roundBrooch roundmeasures round1.5" roundacross roundand roundis roundslightly rounddomed. round roundThe round1 round3/8"long.\rSee roundshop roundpolicies roundfor roundshipping roundoutside roundthe roundUnited roundStates.

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