Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wood, Golden Brown Wooden Bead and Stoneware Pendant Necklace



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This woodlisting woodis woodfor woodGreat woodnatural woodnecklace woodwith woodfun woodwooden woodbeads. woodThe woodbeads woodgive wooda woodsubstantial woodlook woodbut woodare woodso woodlightweight woodfor woodthe woodsize. wood woodThe woodPendant woodis woodone woodof woodmy woodstoneware woodpendants woodwith wooda woodwoven woodtexture woodoverlayed woodwith wooda woodclay woodstrip woodwhich woodhas woodtwo woodstained woodglass woodfused woodsections. woodThe woodglass woodsections woodare woodgreen woodand wooda woodgolden woodorange. wood woodThe woodNecklace woodmeasures wood19 woodinches woodand woodthe woodpendant woodis woodaround wood2 woodinches woodround woodor wood4.8cmThis woodPendant woodwas woodmade woodfrom woodstoneware woodclay woodand woodfused woodwith woodrecycled woodindustrial woodwaste woodglass. woodThe woodPiece wooditself woodhas woodbeen woodfused woodwith woodStained woodGlass woodduring woodthe woodKiln-firing woodprocess. woodI woodhave woodcombined woodmany woodkinds woodof woodglass wood(clear, woodopaque, woodmilky, woodand wooddifferent woodcolors) woodThe woodGlasses woodbecome woodliquid woodand woodbleed woodinto woodeach woodother woodin woodthe woodkiln woodswirling woodands woodblending woodat woodthe woodedges. woodFinally woodas woodI woodcool woodthe woodkiln woodthe woodglass woodfractures woodand woodcrackles woodbut woodwith wooda woodsmooth woodglass woodtop. woodThe woodcrackling woodrefracts woodlight woodand woodglistens woodin woodthe woodsun.Thanks woodfor woodlooking woodand woodthanks woodfor woodbuying woodhandmade!Check woodout woodmy woodfacebook woodpage, woodArtisanClayAnd woodKristie woodAnn\u2019s woodArtisan woodClay woodBead woodand woodArt woodSale woodGroup\u2014- woodI woodknow woodthat\u2019s wooda woodmouthful. woodRight woodnow woodI\u2019m woodmostly woodselling woodpendants/beads/cabochons woodand woodwall woodhangings woodduring woodonce wooda woodmonth woodtimed woodFacebook woodtrunk woodshows. woodThe woodgroups woodlisted woodabove woodwill woodhave woodannouncements woodfor woodthe woodshows woodand woodinstructions woodon woodhow woodto woodbecome woodan woodapproved woodbuyer.

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