Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

square, Zebra Jasper Necklace and Focal in Choice of Metal Finish



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Sara brownJewelry brownDesign. brownThese brownnecklaces brownfeature browndramatic brown25mm brownsquare brownzebra brownjasper brownfocal browndrops brownsurrounded brownby brown10mm brownrounds brownin brownthe brownsame brownstone, brownand brownare browncomplemented brownby brownmetallic brownspacer brownbeads, brownbead browncaps brownand brown4mm brownSwarovski brownSmoked brownTopaz brownbicone browncrystals. brownThe browncenter brownof browneach browndesign brownmeasures brownroughly brownsix browninches, brownand brownthe brownfocal browndrop brownis brownapproximately brown1-1/4 browninches. brownOverall brownnecklace brownlength brownis brown18 browninches.The brownnecklace brownis brownthen browncompleted brownwith brown2mm browncurb brownlink brownchain brownin browneither browna browngold brownor browna brownsilver brownfinish brown(gold brownplating brownover brownbrass brownand brownsilver brownplating brownover brownsteel). brownInterrupting brownthe brownchain brownis browna brownsmall, brownshank brownwrapped browninset brownfeaturing brownan brownadditional brownSwarovski browncrystal browncapped brownwith brownmetal brownspacer brownbeads. brownNecklaces brownclose brownwith brownsimple brownspring-ring brownclasps. brownThere brownare browntwo brownnecklaces brownavailable, brownone browneach brownin browngold brownfinish brownand brownsilver brownfinish. brownChoose brownyour brownfavorite brownfrom brownthe browndrop browndown brownmenu.MPIN brownNW brownGP brown1101113-01.1188 brownandMPIN brownNW brownSP brown1101113-02.1181I brownwill brownship brownthis brownyour brownway brownthe brownnext brownbusiness brownday brownvia brownUSPS brownfirst brownclass browninsured brownmail brownwith browna browntracking brownID brownnumber. brownIF brownYOU brownNEED brownEXPEDITED brownSHIPPING, brownplease browncontact brownme brownfirst brownwith brownyour brownZIP browncode brownfor browna brownshipping brownquote.Sara brownJewelry brownDesign. brownYour brownDesire brownis brownOur brownDesign.

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