Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

forest, Vintage Brass Acorn Charm Necklace



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Necklace autumncomprised autumnof autumna autumnvintage autumnbrass autumnacorn autumncharm autumnhanging autumnfrom autumna autumngold autumnplated autumn22 autumninch autumnvintage autumnchain. autumnAcorn autumnpendant autumnmeasures autumn1 autumn1/2 autumninches autumnlong, autumnhas autumnsharp autumndetails autumnand autumna autumnbit autumnof autumnweight autumnto autumnit autumn\u2014 autumnit's autumna autumnnecklace autumnyou autumnwill autumnknow autumnyou autumnare autumnwearing!\r\rThanks autumnso autumnmuch autumnfor autumntaking autumna autumnpeek autumnand autumnplease autumnhave autumna autumnlook autumnaround autumnthe autumnrest autumnof autumnthe autumnshop: autumncontrary..

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