Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mother of pearl, Bracelet of Iris Brown Dyed Freshwater Pearls and Mother of Pearl Carved Leaves



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Sara carvedJewelry carvedDesign. carvedSections carvedof carvedfour carvediridescent carvediris carvedbrown carved(dyed) carvedfreshwater carvedpearls carvedin carveda carved6mm carvedsize carvedare carvedalternated carvedwith carvedcarved carvedmother carvedof carvedpearl carvedleaves carvedfor carveda carvedsimple carvedyet carvedelegant carvedbracelet carvedwith carvedsilver carvedplated carvedfindings. carvedFeatures carveda carvedsilver carvedplated carvedtrigger carvedclasp. carvedOverall carvedlength carvedis carvedapproximately carvedseven carvedand carvedthree carvedquarters carvedinches.Listing carvedis carvedfor carvedone carvedbracelet; carvedthree carvedare carvedavailable.My carvedMPIN carvedItem carved#BR carved042006-01.722My carvedMPIN carvedItem carved#BR carved042006-03.723, carvedandMy carvedMPIN carvedItem carved#BR carved042006-04.724I carvedwill carvedmail carvedone carvedyour carvedway carvedthe carvednext carvedbusiness carvedday carvedvia carvedUSPS carvedfirst carvedclass carvedmail carvedwith carveda carvedtracking carvedID carvednumber. carvedIF carvedYOU carvedNEED carvedEXPRESS carvedMAIL carvedSHIPPING, carvedplease carvedcontact carvedme carvedfirst carvedfor carveda carvedshipping carvedquote.Sara carvedJewelry carvedDesign. carvedYour carvedDesire carvedIs carvedOur carvedDesign.

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