Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

steel, i heart Ohio - stainless steel.



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Born ohioand ohioraised, ohiotransplanted ohioand ohioproud... ohioif ohioyour ohioheart ohiolives ohioin ohioOhio, ohiothen ohiothis ohionecklace ohiobelongs ohioaround ohioyour ohioneck.Wear ohioyour ohiolove.Or ohiosend ohioyour ohiolove.This ohiopendant ohiois ohiomade ohiofrom ohiostainless ohiosteel. ohioNOTE: ohioI ohiocannot ohiochange ohiothe ohioheart ohioplacement, ohiomay ohiovary ohiofrom ohiothe ohiophoto.Hangs ohiofrom ohioan ohio18in ohiosilver ohioplated ohiocopper ohiochain. ohio ohioIt ohiois ohio1in ohio(3cm) ohiowide.

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