Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brown, Bronzite Flat Rectangles and Bone Coins Continuous Strand Necklace



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Sara whiteJewelry whiteDesign. whiteThis whiteaddition whiteto whitemy whiteKenyan whiteCollection whiteis whitecomposed whiteof whitelustrous white35x25mm whitebronzite whiterectangles whitealternated whitewith white20-22mm whitewhite whitebone whiteflat whiterounds, whiteseparated whiteby whitegold whiteplated whiteknot whitecovers. whiteThe whiteentire whitelength whiteis whitehand whiteknotted whiteon whiteGudebrod whitesilk whitefor whitestrength. whiteA whitebig whitelook, whitesuitable whitefor whiteeither whitegender, whitethis whitenecklace whiteis whiteapproximately white28 whiteinches whitein whiteoverall whitelength whiteand whiteis whiteon whitea whitecontinuous whitestrand whitefor whiteeasy whiteon whiteand whiteoff.My whiteMPIN whiteItem white#NW whiteGP-072208-06Kenyan.1700I whitewill whiteship whitethis whiteyour whiteway whitethe whitenext whitebusiness whiteday whitevia whiteUSPS whitefirst whiteclass whitemail whitewith whitea whitetracking whiteID whitenumber. whiteSara whiteJewelry whiteDesign. whiteYour whiteDesire whiteis whiteOur whiteDesign.

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