Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metal, Silver Flower Necklace



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This flower necklacenecklace flower necklacefeatures flower necklacea flower necklaceplated flower necklacesilver flower necklacenecklace flower necklaceas flower necklacethe flower necklacependant. flower necklace flower necklaceThe flower necklacenecklace flower necklacemeasures flower necklace17 flower necklaceinches, flower necklace flower necklacemade flower necklacewith flower necklacea flower necklacecurb flower necklacechain, flower necklaceand flower necklacecloses flower necklacewith flower necklacea flower necklacelobster flower necklaceclaw flower necklaceclasp. flower necklace flower necklace flower necklaceThis flower necklacenecklace flower necklacewill flower necklacecome flower necklacein flower necklacea flower necklacebeautiful flower necklacekeepsake flower necklacebox. flower necklace flower necklace\r\rI flower necklacewill flower necklaceship flower necklaceout flower necklacefirst flower necklaceclass flower necklaceinsured flower necklaceat flower necklaceno flower necklaceextra flower necklacecost. flower necklace flower necklacePlease flower necklacelet flower necklaceme flower necklaceknow flower necklaceif flower necklaceyou flower necklacehave flower necklaceany flower necklacequestions.

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